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Conventional trading is on its way out as more and more importers prefer to purchase from manufacturers directly. But still there are many services that manufacturers may not be able to provide. At the same time, importers from around the world still need help in many areas of supply chain management in China.

Therefore, to fill this gap we have come up with the idea of strategic trading. We choose good quality manufacturers in the industry and build up partnerships with them. This helps us to work with our manufacturers closely and transparently just as their own export department which in turn helps us in maintaining quality and bringing down the cost for our buyers. That’s how we achieve transparency, quality and competitive pricing for our customers.

The second part of our business is working with importers on exclusive basis. If our clients need we can provide them sourcing and supply chain management services. In other words, we can work as their own purchase office in China.

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Tel: 029-68822775  Mobile: 13201721613
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