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With years of education and business experience in China along proficiency in local language as well as sound medical knowledge, I hope to add value to our overseas clients’ purchasing.


I have noticed that many international companies are unable to take full advantage of the opportunities that China presents because a lot of barriers hinder establishing close and strategic ties with reputable supply sources e.g. language, culture, lack of market knowledge and experience, lack of skilled and professional team on ground etc. And even if you find solution for all these maybe you don’t have a team that possesses medical knowledge also at the same time.


Therefore, this is the area where we can help you. Falcon Life Sciences offers a unique platform for overseas medical, pharma, biotech and healthcare companies as a one-stop-solution provider for all their purchase and supply related issues. We can help you to take your procurement to the next level.

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Tel: 029-68822775  Mobile: 13201721613
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