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Falcon Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.  based in XiAn China operates on an innovative idea of trading where we serve overseas pharma and medical buyers not just as a conventional trading company but as manufacturers’ export office. We achieve this by working with our manufacturers on strategic basis. This model of strategic trading helps us to win the trust both from our suppliers and clients and brings down the cost significantly.


At the same time if our clients need, we provide them sourcing services on exclusive basis as well.

You can contact us if your answer to the following is yes.


Please don’t worry Falcon Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. can help you in all these areas. You can contact us to buy pharma products on trading basis or if you already have supply sources in China you can also contact us to manage your existing supply chain.

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Tel: 029-68822775  Mobile: 13201721613
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